Meet your silent guardian. keeps you safe by checking shortened URLs (like and before visiting their destination sites.
It protects you from phising, malware, and tracking cookies.

Shortened Link Filtering

Unshorten shows you the destination URL any time you click on a shortened link, like and We support over 300 link-shortening services.

Malware Protection

You'll be warned if a shortened link forwards traffic to a site with suspected malware. Browse happy!

Privacy Protection

With the Unshorten extension, we'll block any tracking cookies we detect. This keeps you invisible to advertisers around the web.

Passive ProtectionPRO

Unshorten Pro can run silently in your browser, only warning you when you click on a suspicious link.


You can preview a screenshot of your destination before visiting with Unshorten Pro.

Filtering HistoryPRO

Keep a log of all of your traffic through shortened URLs, including their security rating.